Set in the recent past and near future, Future Ghost will have the player direct the actions of Weiliang Song, a man whose 40 year-long obsession with immortality is fulfilled, sending him on a collision course with 1500 year-old secrets and a plot that could determine the direction of humanity’s future.

With his kungfu master and father-in-law missing, a "future ghost" haunting him, and the burden of responsibilities beyond mortal understanding on his shoulders, Song must traverse our world in search of resolution.


  • All-original 2D graphics reminiscent of “Broken Sword” and other old-school adventure games
  • Point & click gameplay
  • Pumping soundtrack of instrumental hip-hop and drum ‘n’ bass from the very best Creative Commons producers (full credits in-game)
  • JRPG-style turn-based combat, with a range of powerful starting moves

Story driven

  • Story-driven gameplay with common-sense problem-solving “puzzles” inspired by reality & fights that are intrinsically linked to the narrative
  • Timeline that fills in as you progress
  • Manual levelling-up to allow custom stat-based character builds

Cross platform

  • A wide range of platform support across Windows, MacOS, Linux and Android
  • Compatible with a variety of inputs including keyboard, mouse, gamepad & touch screen
20-30 minutes’ gameplay. Features moderate depictions of animated violence.

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