About Pinebox Games

Essentially a one-man studio, Pinebox Games is the name under which illustrator and 2D animator Kenn Stollery-Jones is producing Future Ghost. With guidance from games industry veterans, Pinebox Games aims to deliver an enjoyable interactive experience presented with a satisfying degree of sophistication in story-telling.

The name “Pinebox” is in reference to a collection of horror-themed graphical short stories (comics) published online by Kenn Stollery-Jones in the 1990s, when the Internet was still a new medium. Those stories were written in collaboration with the people who now act as advisors to the Future Ghost project.

Since then, Kenn enjoyed a modicum of success as an animator in the early 2000s, producing animated music videos for Australian and American underground hip-hop acts such as The Winnie Coopers, The Argyle Pimps and Ugly Duckling. His work has also featured on a number of album covers.

In 2007, Kenn released his first ever full game, the somewhat infamous and flawed ‘Quiet Falls’, a Silent Hill fangame made in Flash. The lessons learned on that project, not least of all those learned from the mistakes made, are being put to use in making Future Ghost a better all-round game than its predecessor.